Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sauce Spotlight: Appleton Estate

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Well Modern Drunkards, it's time for the Saturday Sauce Spotlight and today we are going to discuss a main ingredient found in Hot Buttered Rum. During the Christmas Season, you will find Hot Buttered Rum in many craft bars and restaurants like Bar Tonique, the Library Lounge, The Marginy Brasserie, & even the City Park Christmas Cafe during Celebration in the Oaks.

This warm winter cocktail recommends a dark Jamaican Rum to add a dark and slightly spicy flavor to warm the cockles of your heart & belly. Recently, we watched Chris McMillian's Youtube video from the Library Lounge where he teaches us how to make a delicious hot buttered rum and he recommends using Appleton Estates Rum.
Now with the Hot Buttered Rum, any of the Appleton Estates Rums will do, however, we prefer Appleton Estate VX Rum. The Appleton Estate VX Rum offers a spiciness up front while not being harsh. This rum is 80-proof and is made from sugar cane grown in Jamaica and is fermented with natural yeast found in Appleton sugar cane. It is a dark amber rum made with a blend of several other rums. The reason we find it a good match for Hot Buttered Rum is that it is herbal with notes of sweet butter.

You can usually find it priced from a minimum of $18.00 - $22.00 at Martin Wine Cellar, Elio's Wine Warehouse, Dorignac's, or your local grocery.
Try it out in a Hot Buttered Rum or another type of cocktail and tell us what you thing. Don't like it or prefer another type of rum for your Hot Buttered Rum? Let us know.

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