Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where're We Wednesday? 12/16/09

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Well it's Wednesday and it's time to find us while we are out partaking of tasty libations. Today, I, Eric, will be going out around 9pm to enjoy a couple of Negroni's. So for the 1st two people that can find me, I will buy you each a Negroni or a gin drink of comparable price.
So Where are We going to be on this Wednesday December 16th?
Well here are your 5 clues:
1) The bar is accross the street from a park named after a famous Jazz Trumpeter.
2) This Bar used to be where King Bolden used to hold court before hurricane Katrina
3) Rebecca Cotton Reviewed this Excellent Bar on September 10, 2008 for
4) In the name of the Bar it has the french word for "Tonic"
5) If you figure out the street, the Street Number in Roman Numerals is DCCCXX

When You get there, you will have to answer this question?
~In the Dec '09/Jan '10 Issue of Men's Journal on the last Page titled
"Survival Skills", who's favorite Drink is a NEGRONI?

Answer: Anthony Bourdain! Bourdain says that the Negroni is his favorite drink that was taught to him by Mario Batali and that this simultaneously ruined and improved his life!!

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  1. So, for those of you who found us, Steve & Eric were hiding out at the Bar Tonique at 820 N. Rampart Street. It is an awesome bar that has countless specials and an unbelievable cocktail selection. I strongly suggest you check it out.
    Http:// & Let me know what you think!!