Monday, January 4, 2010

The Beer Pong Table

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Now New Orleans Modern Drunkards don't always need reasons to enjoy libations, however, we don't mind an excuse. In recent years, the explosion of Beer Pong has come to New Orleans full force. With the creation of Beer Pong leagues at many local dive bars in the New Orleans Metro area, this once recreational college game has become a competitive bar sport joining the likes of Darts, Pool, and Golden Tee.

Today's Beer Pong is a variation of the once played game of Beirut. Beirut was a similar game in that it involved cups of beer and ping pong balls, however, players would have to get the balls into the cup using a ping pong paddle rather than throwing the balls across the table.

With the growing popularity of this game, it has become a popular house party and/or tailgating game as well as a bar game. Thus, the Beer Pong Table was created to enhance the games fun loving attitude. Most tables come set up to handle the required regulation size for play with both 6 or 10 cup games and ready for action. They also provide a great melamine surface which makes it easier to clean and provides great pop for those who prefer the "bounce shots". Also, this type of surface prevents the cups from sliding about and easy re-racking.
Kegworks and other companies offer foldable tables made of a light weight aluminum frame which makes it easier for transport and storage. Plus these tables come in numerous designs, logos, and colors that will match any personality, bar, or sports fan.
So, what do you think about Beer Pong Tables? Do you own one? What is the coolest design you have ever seen on a beer pong table? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I am so old. The only pong game I've played is ping pong and that did not include beer or any other alcoholic beverage. However, I did see beer pong on the Jay Leno Show, which reinforces how old I am or feel. : )