Monday, January 25, 2010

New Orleans Saints Hip Flask

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We are back!! After a nice 2 week hiatus, the New Orleans Modern Drunkards are back in time for all the great celebrations to come...and not a moment too soon because:

WE FINALLY MADE IT!!! That is right, the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS are going to the Superbowl!!! New Orleans Modern Drunkards have been toasting and celebrating this momentous occasion with great fervor and will continue to for the next two weeks!

With such a great win, how are we showing our team support, well some of us are wearing Saints Apparel while drinking cocktails and some of us are carrying round these cool New Orleans Saints Stainless Steel Hip Flask.

So do people still carry hip flasks anymore? Of course they do!! It's a great way to smuggle your favorite hooch into events and mix it with your favorite juice or soda without having to carry round mini glass bottles wherever you go!

Hip flasks have been around since the 18th and early 19th century, especially when Prohibition was really restricting people from enjoying their favorite libations. They were a way for those alcohol loving rebels to enjoy their favorite sauce discreetly and without Johnny Law coming down on them.

Now a days, especially in New Orleans, we don't have to worry about prohibition or even an open container law. Thus the flask is used more to imply style and social status than anything else and sometimes just a matter of convenience.

Obviously, one of our favorite flasks is the New Orleans Saints Stainless Steel Hip Flask. It's a great way to keep your New Orleans Saints pride close to your hip with the New Orleans Saints Stainless Steel Hip Flask. We like it also because it holds 6oz of our favorite potent liquids. It makes a great gift for the any New Orleans Saints fan. Check it out or buy one today.

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