Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Try a Hot Chocolate Toddy: the Happy Holidaze

There are many different toddys out there from your basic Hot Toddy to the ever popular Hot Buttered Rum. Then there are many excellent Hot Coffee Cocktails, including the famous Cafe' Brulot Diabolique which is an Antoine's creation of hot spiced coffee set aflame with brandy at your table. So when the New Orleans Modern Drunkards came accross a recipe for a Hot Chocolate Toddy....we knew a tasting was in order.

The recipe is that of the Happy Holidaze, a concoction developed by Abigail Gullo a bartender at Fort Defiance in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. In Abigail's interview with the New York Times, it was said that this drink was "designed to warm the pipes and buoy the nerves" in order to help Christmas singers announce bodly the coming of Jesus!!

So with that description and the idea of a Hot Chocolate cocktail, who were we to turn down this cocktail testing.

The Happy Holidaze
Makes 1 serving

- 1 cup of Hot Chocolate
- 3/4 oz of Green Chartreuse
- 3/4 oz of Cointreu
- Marshmellows or Whipped Cream***

Add Chartreuse & Cointreau to Hot Chocolate, stir & serve in mug.

Now we give you honest feedbacks and we made several batches. It was an interesting cocktail that definately warmed up our cockles. The Chartreuse often gave us the impression that parts of our Christmas tree had fell into our Hot Chocolate which I suppose was the purpose. It was noted that several people did have the urge to sing from the tingle the Chartreuse gave us. One person also recommended that adding Whipped Cream or Marshmellows would prove we love Jesus.

So try it out and tell us what you think. Have a fun variation on this Hot Chocolate cocktail that you think people will enjoy? Leave a comment below.

***Whipped Cream or Marshmellows are OPTIONAL. The New Orleans Modern Drunkards can not confirm nor deny that Marshmellows nor Whipped Cream will add to this cocktail's flavor nor can we confirm nor deny that it will prove that you love Jesus.

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