Monday, December 14, 2009

Modern Drunkard by Frank K. Rich

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The Modern Drunkard is an interesting look into the world of drinking. It offers today's befuddled drinkers a comprehensive and instructive manual on how to drink-and how to do it well. This book campaigns to revive the lost art of tippling and taps a deep vein of boozy lore and legend through the ages, uncovering etiquette and expertise from some of history's greatest guzzlers.
It's evident from the onset that The Modern Drunkard is an easy read that will keep you laughing from start to finish. Not to mention, the data it provides can not only provide hours of witty humor and education but it can also save you from embarrassing situations and possibly terminal events. In one of my favorite sections,
Drunkard Survival Guide, Rule #2 of How to Carry a Passed-Out Friend is truly ingenious. The Rule is to essentially lighten the Load by checking his pockets for money. This of course leads to the idea that if you find money, you should remove it and convert it to rounds of drinks since holding drinks in your belly will be easier than having that wad of cash weighing his pockets down. BRILLIANT!!
Another thing I like about the The Modern Drunkard is that it provides countless lists including 365 Excuses to Get Loaded. All in all, Frank Kelley Rich hit the nail on the head. From their website, they declare that although "there is some satire involved, we believe to the very core of our souls every word we write" & nothing could be more evident in The Modern Drunkard

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