Monday, December 14, 2009

New Orleans Modern Drunkards

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Hi, my Name is Eric Gamble & I had been stuck in a rut with the same old adult beverages. Everytime I would go to a bar I either order a Jack Sour (a whiskey sour with Jack Daniels), a Chimmey (a belgium beer), or just a regular beer. While most would people say that this is just you finding comfort in life, I disagree because I live in New Orleans where drinking is a great social experiment combined with unbelievable history and adventure.
Thus, I have been inspired by a great book that I recommend to anyone looking for interesting cocktails and history. This book, that came to inspire me, is an interesting look into the world of drinking called the Modern Drunkard by Frank Kelly Rich. The Modern Drunkard offers today's befuddled drinkers a comprehensive and instructive manual on how to drink-and how to do it well. This book campaigns to revive the lost art of tippling and taps a deep vein of boozy lore and legend through the ages, uncovering etiquette and expertise from some of history's greatest guzzlers.
Thus came an idea to create a social drinking club and a webshow in honor of this book and a great cocktail lifestyle found in our great city of New Orleans. The New Orleans Modern Drunkards blog and Webshow is a brainchild that was brought to life by my neighbors and several close friends who all are also in search of a new drink. In an attempt to expand our booze knowledge and a social activity, we had created a new society dedicated to the art of mixology. Each gathering, webshow, or adventure will spotlight a particular libation, a New Orleans location, history, education, and other wonderful Modern Drunkard tips. The name of the game is creativity & fun. However, this is not a puke-in-your-shoes-pass-out-in-the-gutter kind of gig. We're a classy society or will pretend to be one.
So what will you find in this Blog? Well everyday we hope to follow a theme:
Monday - Modern Drunkard Mall Review: Here we will review a product, books, music, booze, ingredients, apparel, & drinking paraphernalia
Tuesday - Top 5 Tuesday: Here we will announce the top 5 things to do with a Cocktail in New Orleans this week!
Wednesday - Where Are We Wednesday??: On Wednesdays Some of the Modern Drunkards will be out enjoying a few libations. We will post up a few clues and if you can find the Modern Drunkard out, we will by the first 2 people to approach us with the secret word or phrase a drink!
Thursday - Thirsty Thursday: On Thursdays, we will post up a New Cocktail recipe that we feel is worth drinking
Friday - Fun Facts Friday: Friday will allow us show the world that we just aren't a group of pretty pieces of meat but we have brains too. We plan on giving you definitions, history lessons, famous quotes, and tips found in Frank K. Rich's Modern Drunkard.
Saturday - Saturday Sauce Spotlight: As the New Orleans Modern Drunkards, we would be amiss to not share with you some of the hottest alchohols and beers that can be found in stores and bars within this magnificent city.
Sunday - Nothing: even the Lord rested on this day so give us a break won't ya!!

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  1. Lived in BRLA for almost 30 yrs before moving to the mountains of NC after Katrina.
    Nice blog. Interesting articles.
    Lets follow each other. Here's my link: